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Being Alone Vs. Being Lonely

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Being alone is not the same thing as being lonely. You often hear people say something like, “I want to be alone.” Vs. “I am lonely.” They sound different, and they are really different.

What does it mean to be alone? And, what does it mean to be lonely?

You can choose to be alone. You can also choose to be lonely. It is your choice.

When people are alone, it does not mean they are lonely. It means they want time for themselves. They want to be alone because they want to do creative things. They want to think. They want to read. They want to meditate. They want to reach out to their inner creative being. Being alone allows people to reach out to their inner selves. So, when you are alone, you are dealing with your inner being- your true being. In order to be alone, you must FIRST master the art and science of being alone. Being alone is not for the small-minded people.

Being alone is not for the small-minded people because it requires people to practice being independent. If you are not mature, if you are not independent, if you are not self-confident, being alone will be difficult to master. For example, if you write for a living, you need alone time to dig deeper into your creative world. Being alone is a good thing, not a bad thing. It allows you to dig deeper into your TRUE life. It creates the space for you to discover your true self, to evaluate yourself, and to practice self-reflection. It is when you are alone that you discover who you really are, what you want to accomplish, what is important to you, and what makes you really happy. Those are some benefits of being alone, but not lonely.

Loneliness, on the other hand, means a different thing entirely. If you feel lonely, it means you feel disconnected from the things around you. It means you want to live inside yourself. You don’t want to be connected with anything. One thing with loneliness is that, you can be with people, you can be in a crowd, or you can be in a market place without connecting to any of them. That is the sad part of being lonely. But you can change it. You can change from being a loner to being a social being.

If you find yourself moving away from people, you don’t want to see people, you feel disconnected from reality, don’t move further away from people. Find a way or ways to move closer to people. Remember, people love you. They don’t dislike you. They want to meet you. But they cannot meet you when you are running away from them. Focus on people, but don’t forget about yourself. People will move closer to you if you make the first move. Show your love, your BIG love for people, for things around you, and for the environment. They will love you back. If you want love, give love to people. If you want happiness, make people happy. If you want care, care for people. If you want closeness, be close to people. That is the way life works.

Finally, if you find yourself lonely, reach out to people you know. People who can lift you up, not those that will make things worse for you. When you are down, you need a lifter. If you are lonely, care. Care for yourself, for people, and for the environment. If you do, you will be a better person.

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The Two Most Common Mistakes In Life

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Nothing in life is perfect. Mistakes happen when we are trying to master our crafts. Mistakes happen when we are trying to be who we really are. Mistakes happen when we are trying to create the life we want for ourselves and others. The question is: “Can we live without making mistakes?”

Mistakes happen when we try to make things perfect. Can we make things perfect? NO. If you want to enjoy what you are doing, don’t strive for perfection, strive for progress. Strive for improvement. Improvement is better than perfection. If you are looking for perfection, you are just daydreaming. Keep dreaming!

There are two mistakes in life:

Your mistakes.

Other people’s mistakes.

It does not really matter who is responsible. It matters that you pay attention to what happened, how you can learn from the mistakes, and how to reduce it next time. If you are responsible for a mistake or mistakes, don’t blame anyone, own it. If you start blaming people, you will never learn from your mistakes. If you are not responsible for the mistake or mistakes, do the same thing- learn from them. Don’t go around blaming people for their mistakes. Pay attention to what they did wrong and how they are going to fix it or reduce it.

We are human beings. Human beings make mistakes. We all make mistakes. But don’t let your mistakes stop you from moving forward. Don’t let your mistakes stop you from pursuing your dreams. Don’t let your mistakes stop you from finishing what you started. Don’t let your mistakes be the obstacles standing in your way. Don’t let your mistakes make you give up on your dreams. Mistakes can change your life forever if you have the courage to learn from them. Mistakes can change your life forever if you are humble enough to learn from them.

You will make mistakes when you try to live your life, because we are not perfect. You will make mistakes when you try to make something new, something creative. You will make mistakes when you are starting something new. You will make mistakes when you are trying to undo the old, boring stuff you have been doing. You cannot avoid it. The best way to manage mistakes is to embrace them. Let them be part of your daily life. Don’t make it a habit of making reckless mistakes. That is not what I am talking about here. I am talking about making a mistake in a productive way. Yes, you can make a mistake in a productive way. It is productive if you learn from it. It is not productive if you learn nothing from it.

The way to handle mistakes:

According to J. Lyman MacINNIS, “The way to handle a mistake is to be big enough to admit it, wise enough to learn from it, and smart enough to fix it.”

When you make mistakes, admit it, learn from it, fix it if you can, and move on.