How To Get To Where You Want To Be

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Philosopher and writer Alain de Botton wrote,
''I think where people tend to end up results
from a combination of encouragement, accident,
and lucky break, etc. etc.'

Encouragement brings out the best in people.
But to be successful, to grow, encouragement 
alone is not enough. You need more than that.
You need you to succeed. You need a healthy inner life
to succeed. 
And you have got to be willing to face your music. 
To get what you want, according to Dr. Henry Cloud, 
' have to go through a moment of pain to get 
to the place you want to be.' If you are willing to do it,
to face your pain, to face your journey, you can do it.
But you are going to be very patient with yourself.
Because great things take time.