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It Takes Bravery To Follow Your Dreams

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You are here to achieve your dreams. Whether you have a dream or not,
just know that it is never too late to have one or two.
If what you are chasing is not working, if it is difficult to get what you want,
do not forget it. Do not let it go.  Before you do, think about what is going 
to happen to you if you let your dream go. Think about it.

To do something new is not easy. But with love, with focus, with the right 
evaluation of yourself, you can achieve your dreams.

Do not let go of your dreams just because it is difficult. Yes, it is difficult. 
But if you really want it, if you really want to move forward in your life,
if you want to increase your life, if you want to add value to other people's lives,
then achieving your dream is important. 

It is important to achieve your dreams. Why? Not just because of you, but for those around you.
Remember that you are not doing what you are doing to help yourself. 
You are doing what you are doing to lift other people up.
And you can't lift others up when you are sitting down. 
To lift others up, you must first lift yourself up. To do that,
you must achieve your dreams.