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Do Not Try To Blend In

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It is easier to blend in than to be your true self. 
For the love of your life, 
for the love of your soul, 
and for the love of your future self, 
do not try to blend in. 
Do not try to be like others. 

Imitation has no respect. 

Life is more than just trying to be like others. 
The only person you can be is you. 
And no one can be like you. 

Whatever you do, do it for yourself. 
Do not try to be like others. 
Do not try to fit in. 
Do not try be who you are not. 
It is not good. 

If you want people to love you, 
really love you, to respect you, 
to accept you, be yourself. 
To do that, you must accept yourself.