personal development

Do Not Judge Yourself

Photo by Magda Ehlers

Do not judge yourself.

No one knows you more than you know yourself.

Do not focus on other people’s opinions.

Focus on yourself. Do not judge yourself.

Instead, follow your life, follow your passion,

follow your heart to wherever it leads you.

Because when you follow your heart,

you don’t have time to complain,

to do meaningless things,

to listen to negative people,

to doubt yourself.

Now is not the time to judge yourself,

to doubt yourself, to fear your future,

to fear your life. Now is the time to live your life,

not to judge your life.

When you live your life,

your life will not leave you.

Stop judging yourself. Because no one is perfect.

So judging yourself is a waste of time.

Instead of judging yourself,

use the time you have to just appreciate your life.

Because it a miracle to be alive. It is a big thing.