Embracing Self-Care

Self Care Isn't Selfish Signage
Photo by Madison Inouye

“Self-care isn’t selfish.” It is okay to make time for yourself. Don’t feel guilty about it. You have been doing it for other people. Why can’t you make time just to be yourself? Why can’t make time just to connect with yourself? Why can’t you make time to build a strong relationship with yourself? You need it. Your body needs it. Your heart and soul need it. Again, “Self-care isn’t selfish.”

Self-care, according to Joanna Platt, “Is anything you do that helps you build, maintain, and strengthen your relationships with yourself.” She is right. So, what are you doing to maintain your energy? What are you doing to build a solid relationship with yourself? You can anything that works for you. You don’t have to break your bank account to care for yourself. Just pick something that works for you. You can read, take a walk, sing, yoga, meditate, or write. Again, do what works for you. But make sure you are doing something to keep yourself whole. If you do, you can help other people.

I am making peace with myself.

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“Your relationship with yourself is the foundation for everything.”– Joanna Platt