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How To Survive In A Rapidly Changing Environment

Adult man moving carton box to new house
Photo by Kotut Subiyanto

Change is not what we like to talk about. But if we are not comfortable with change, how are we going to move forward. We cannot move forward in life without change. Whether we like to change or not, we must do something about it.

We must accept it.

We must see change as a good thing, not a bad thing.

We must not fight change. We must embrace change.

We must see change as a way forward, not a way backward.

If we can see change as a good thing, then we can do something about it. Change is not easy. It is not easy because we don’t know what is going to happen. But if you want to cope with change, according to Neil Postman, “… Survival in a rapidly changing environment depends almost entirely upon being able to to identify which of the old concepts are relevant to the demands imposed by the new threats to survival, and which are not.”

Whether you know what is going to happen or not, do not stress yourself about it. It will come to pass. According to Nick Tasler, “If you believe stress is trying to carry you over a big obstacle or through a challenging situation, you’ll become more resilient and may even live longer.” Change comes with stress, but don’t focus on the stress.

Instead of worrying yourself about the change, focus your thoughts on what the change is going to do for you. Change is life. If you are not ready to shake things up, you are not ready to live.