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You Cannot Change Your Circumstances If You Don’t Change Yourself

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“He who believes is strong; he who doubt is weak. Strong convictions precede great actions.”- Louisa May Alcott

Change starts with you. If you believe you can change, you can. If you believe you can’t, you can’t. If you want to change your life, you must first change yourself. You must change your thoughts. You must change how you see yourself. You must believe in yourself. You can’t change your life if you don’t believe you can do it. Success starts with self-love.

Changing yourself starts within, not without.

If you want to lead your own life, don’t fear. If you fear, you are half defeated. You must take action to change your life. You must move from talking to actually doing something. Talk is easy. Doing is expensive.

Change is an active business, not a passive one.

To change your circumstances, you must be willing and ready to get your hands dirty. This is where you show yourself to yourself. This is where you compete with yourself. Be willing to do whatever it takes to change your life. Don’t talk about it. You must do something about it.

Opportunities are everywhere, but they don’t know where you live. You must go out there and look for what you want. Your dreams are not going to happen if you don’t do something about them. You must pursue them. You must take risks. You must believe in yourself. You must not fear. It is time, and the time is NOW!