Happiness Is Enjoying What You Have

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Happiness is not about what you don’t have; it is about enjoying what you have. Don’t look for what you don’t have. Don’t search for happiness. If you want to find happiness within yourself, you must connect with what you have. You must enjoy what you have. You must stop thinking about what you don’t have. When you spend your time thinking about what is missing in your life, you are sowing the seed of unhappiness. But when you focus on what you have, when you celebrate what you, when you appreciate what you have, when you enjoy what you have, you are sowing the seed of happiness.

Your happiness is in your own hands. If you want to be happy, enjoy what you have. If not, you will never be satisfied.

One thought on “Happiness Is Enjoying What You Have

  1. Anya Abraham May 18, 2020 / 6:52 am

    Truer words haven’t been spoken! 🙂


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