Start Again

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When is it time to start again? You can start again when you are not getting the results you expect. When people don’t see the real you, when people don’t add value to your life, when people don’t make you happy, when people don’t celebrate who you really are, and when people focus on your weaknesses, instead of focusing on your strengths.

Start again. Never allow people to bring you down. Never allow people to belittle you. Never allow people to talk you out of your dream. Never allow people to make you unhappy. Never focus on what is not working for you. Always focus on what is working for you. Never compare yourself to anyone. You are you. If you do, start again.

There is always time to start again. Don’t put yourself through hell when you can start again. It is healthy to start again. Don’t worry about what people will say about you. It is their opinions, not yours. So, it does not matter. What really matters is where you are going. Focus on that, not on what people are saying, or have said about you.

If you fail at something, start again

If you want to succeed in life, be ready and willing to always start again. There is no harm in trying again. If you fail at something, start again. If you don’t get the results you are expecting, start again. If you don’t like the job you are doing, start again. When things are not working for you, don’t waste your time, start again. Starting again leads to growth, success, prosperity. If you don’t start again after you’ve experienced a temporary defeat, one thing is clear: you will not move forward. Please start again to move forward!