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Why You Shouldn’t Give Up Too Fast

Photo by Asad Photo Maldives

As Marquis De VauVenargues once said, “Patience is the art of hoping.” Life is not easy, but giving up won’t make it better. To achieve greatness, you must have confidence in yourself. You must believe in yourself. Because without self-belief, there can be no growth. Patience is everything. Do not fear. Do not be scared of the unknown. Use the power of patience to achieve your dreams. As Helena Roerich once said, “Let us apply patience as well, for without patience nothing can be achieved. Verily, very often people give up a brilliant beginning only because of lack of patience. They forget that all great tasks are accompanied by difficulties, but by shunning those difficulties they condemn themselves to a fatiguing and endlessly reiterative course.” Patience is the way. Patience brings peace. Without it, there can be no peace. If you want to make peace with your soul, be patient with yourself.