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Who Do You Want To Spend Your Time With?

Photo by Markus Spiske

There is no BUT in love. If you love me, do not compare me to others. Even if you do not love me, DON’T compare me to others.

It is better to be with someone who appreciates everything about you, who loves you for who you are, who celebrates your flaws, who makes you laugh, who brings out the best in you, who is comfortable spending time with you, who is always there for you, than to be with someone who is ALWAYS comparing you to someone else.

When someone compares you to someone else, it means you are not good enough for them. Do not let people’s opinions control your life. Because you are living your life for yourself, not for people. When people say, “You are not good enough for them, it means they are not good enough for you.” You should let them go. Because you do not need draggers in your life. You need lifters to help you get to the next level. It is better to be free with one great person than to be lonely in company of many people.