personal development

No Matter What, Be Kind To Yourself

Photo by Ron Lach

No matter what, treat yourself with kindness. Treat yourselt with respect. You deserve it. Don’t wait for other people to treat you with kindness. You give it to yourself first.

No matter what you are going through, what you went through, choose kindness. Because kindness is everything in life. If you are kind to yourself, other people will be kind to you. Isaac Bashevis said, “Kindness I’ve discovered, is everything in life.” Yes, kindness is everything in life.

Nothing can defeat kindness. Kindness is wisdom. It makes things better, not worse. So it is a disgrace to disrespect yourself. But is not a disgrace to treat yourself with love and kindness. Don’t disrespect yourself. Don’t betray yourself. When you betray yourself, you also betray God.

Whether people are happy with you or not, always treat yourself with love. Choose love always. Choosing love is great, but choosing yourself is greater. So choose yourself.