personal development

The Influence Of Fear

Photo of Pine Trees Covered by Fog
Photo by Trace Hudson

“Under the influence of fear, which always leads men to take a pessimistic view of things, they magnified their enemies’ resources, and minimized their own.”- Livy

Fear is real, but you are smarter. You can conquer your fears. The hardest thing in life is to face our fears. We don’t like to face our fears. We prefer death than to face our fears.

Don’t let your fear stop you from achieving your dreams. Do not feed your fears. When you face your fear, remember where you are going. Remembering where you are going will give you the power to conquer your fear. Only action can put your fear to rest. Take action to put your fear to rest.

You can put your fear to rest. Because you are more powerful than your fear. Stay positive. No matter where you are, what you are doing, do not forget yourself. Do not forget your values. Do not forget where you are going. Always focus on opportunity in every difficulty. Stay away from negative people. Be optimistic. Have faith in yourself. And success will be yours.