personal development

Work On Yourself

Photo of Pine Trees Covered by Fog
Photo by Trace Hudson

Work on yourself than you work on other things. Other things can’t make you a better person. Only you can make yourself a better person. Because you know who you are. You know where you are going. You know what you want out of life. You know your mind. No one can get into your mind.

Work on yourself. Work on your life. Work on your career. Work on your relationships. And everything will fine with you. Because life is action, not inaction.

Work on yourself. Work on making yourself a better person. You can make yourself whole by purifying your mind. Because where your mind goes, there you are. According to Suzy kassem, “Work on making yourself a complete being. Though you were born with the physical traits of one sex, you posses the characteristics of both- including those of plants and animals. You were created as a nearly complete universal being, but with flaws. True perfection can only be achieved when one recognizes that they need to combine their oneness with others and nature. Only then is one considered complete. Your heart is your temple.” Yes, your heart is your temple. So keep it sacred.

You can work on yourself. Do be like other people. Be like yourself. Work on becoming that person that person you were created to be. Do not imitate other people. Imitation has no value. Imitation is useless. Don’t do it. Be yourself. Discover yourself. Find your true self. You can change everything about your life, yourself, your career, if you have the courage to discover your true self.