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Neil Postman Quotes On Changing Ourselves

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Photo by Lukas Hartman

“You cannot learn a new form of conduct without changing yourself.”- Neil Postman

“There is no escaping from ourselves.”– Neil Postman

“All our knowledge results from questions, which is another way of saying that question- asking is our most important intellectual tool.”- Neil Postman

“… people … use language in order to conduct their lives, and to control their lives, and to understand their lives.”– Neil Postman

“We behave in response to our judgements rather than to that which is being judged.”- Neil Postman

“People and things are processes. Judgements convert them into fixed states.”- Neil Postman

“A definition is the start of an argument, not the end of one.”- Neil Postman

“What are the relationships between new ideas and change?”- Neil Postman