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Why Is Loyalty So Expensive?

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Why is ‘loyalty’ so expensive? People want loyalty, but they are not getting it. Why? Why? People want to pay to get it, but they are not getting it. How can we get it? Where can we find loyalty?

Why is it so important? Loyalty is a bond builder. It connects people together. It opens doors of opportunities for those who are loyal to their boss or manager. Loyalty happens where there is consistency of behavior. Loyalty happens where there is a strong relationship between people. People are loyal to you when they respect you, when they trust you, when they believe in you, and when your integrity is solid. But if you lack any of these values, you shouldn’t expect people to be loyal to you.

Where is loyalty? Where can you find it?

Loyalty is within you. You have it. You can give it out for free anytime you want. It is free! But you can’t be loyal to people if you are not honest with yourself, if you don’t live your values, if you don’t have strong relationships with people, if you don’t believe in people, or if you are not consistent.

If you want people to be loyal to you, be loyal to them. Period. If you give loyalty out, you will get it back. Loyalty is like planting a healthy seed. If you plant a healthy seed, you will reap a healthy fruit. But if you plant a terrible seed, you will reap nothing. Loyalty is free. If you give it out to the people you trust, they will give it back to you.

If you don’t respect people, don’t expect people to respect you. You earn loyalty; you don’t demand for loyalty. Give it out for free and you will get it back for free. Try it!