Focus On Where You Are Going

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Comfort is the enemy of growth. Comfort is the enemy of success. And comfort is the root of failure.

If you want to succeed, focus on the journey. Focus on what you are doing. Focus on what you are learning. But if you want to fail, focus on where you are. Focus on what other people are doing. Focus on failure. Focus on what is going to happen to your dreams.

Don’t focus on problems. Focus on solutions. Don’t focus on failures. Because they will happen. There is nothing you are going to do about that. Because they are part of the game.

If you are afraid of failure, then you are not ready for success. Because you can’t succeed without failures, without mistakes.

When it comes success, if you are not failing, you are not trying hard enough. Fail. Do not worry about it. The most important thing is where you are going, your journey.

Do not rest. Keep going. Rest when you are done, not when you are not done.

Is it going to be easy, no. But you can make it. You do that by focusing on the journey, not the end. By focusing on your growth, not your pain. By focusing on the process, not the outcome. The more you focus on where you are going, the better.

Because life is a journey.