‘Fear Exists To Glorify Courage’

Photo by Shaan Johari on Pexels.com
''Fear exists to glorify courage. A timid man exists to glorify a courageous man. There will be no value for goodness if badness does not exist. One side of a thing cannot have signifcance without the existence of the other side. Hence everything in this world has two side.''- Swami Sivananda

Fear is not here to get you, but to test you.

Fear is real, but do not give in to it. It is not here to harm you, but to test your faith. Fear is not your enemy. It is your teacher. It is your mentor. 
Fear is here to glorify your courage, your struggles, your efforts, your fight, your love.

When you face your fear, you have a choice to make. Are you going to keep going, or are you going to pack your things and move back home? 
The choice is yours.

But if your dreams are yours, then you have got to do whatever it takes to achieve them. If they are not, then don't worry yourself. Don't fight for them. 
If you want to test yourself, you must follow your own dreams. You must do your work. And you must face your fears. If not, you are not going to succeed.