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What Does Justice Mean To You?

Top view of slogan silence allows violence on carton placed on rough asphalt road on street
Anete Lusina

Justice is a fighter. He fights for peace. He wants all of us to live in peace and harmony. He wants us to treat our fellow brothers and sisters with respect and dignity. When we don’t respect people, when we don’t treat the poor with respect, justice gets really angry with us.

Justice is sad when there is war in the world. He does not like it. Justice don’t oppress people.

Justice wants you to treat people fairly. He wants you to respect the law. He does not want you to break the law. He wants you to tell your own story. He wants you to use your voice to shape your own life, to fight for yourself.

Justice is calm. He lives in a small house. His house is never empty. People want him. They want him to support them. And he never fails. Justice does not manipulate people. He treats people fairly. When you come in contact with people, justice wants you to treat them with respect. Are you treating people with respect? Are you treating yourself with respect?