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Leonardo da Vinci On How To Be Super Creative

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To live is to create. We are all creating everyday. You don’t have to be a genius to create new things. You just need to be your true self to create something new.

If you are not creating, you are destroying. Creativity means doing something in different ways.

Creativity means bringing something new to life.

Creativity means modifying what is already there. It doesn’t take much to do that. It just takes courage.

When you are creating something new, you are just playing with your mind. It takes courage. It takes commitment to be a creative person.

If you want to connect with your creative genius, here is how to do it:

According to Leonardo da Vinci, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Whatever you do, don’t make things difficult for yourself. Make it easier.

He also said, “Learning never exhausts the mind.” The only thing that really exhausts the mind is not learning anything new. If you are not learning anything new, you can never be a creative person. Creative people learn new things all the time. They read anything. They question things. They are curious. They never take no for an answer.

Learning expands your life. If you are not learning, you are dying. If you are not learning, what are you doing?