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Why Respecting Your Fear Is The Best Way To Conquer It

Woman in Gray Tank Top Looking Frightened
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Fear talks to us in many ways. It prevent us from doing what we love. It stops us from living. It prevents us from finding our happiness. Fear is a wall that we must face if we are to succeed. It is talking to us. Fear is silent. Fear is quiet, but very powerful.

Fear is in us. So if we want to face our fears, we must ask ourselves, “Are we ready to face our fears?”

Since fear is a resistance, we should be careful how we approach it. We must approach it anywhere. Because if we don’t face our fears, we can’t move forward in life.

We must face our fears if we want to grow. Even if you don’t face it now, you will face it later. Because fear is in us. We carry it with us every day. It is our secret neighbor.

Do not resist your fear if you are to conquer it. Instead of trying to fight it with power, fight it by listening to it. When you listen to your fears, you will understand them better. You will learn more about them. You must respect your fears to understand them. It is important to respect your fears because you can’t work with what you don’t understand. You can’t face the enemy you don’t understand.

Since fear is our secret neighbor, if you want to deal with it, you must embrace it. You must face it with respect. You must listen to what fear has to say to you. You must accept it for what it is. If you try to do the opposite (which is possible), you are not helping yourself. Fear, our secret neighbor, is there.

It is there!