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“If You Fell Down Yesterday, Stand Up Today.”

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“If you fell down yesterday, stand up today.”- H. G. Wells

In life, it does not matter how many times you dropped to the ground. What really matters is how many times you rise up again.

You are not a loser. You are not a failure. If you tried something that did not work out well for you does not make you a loser or failure.

If you fall down, get up and start running. If you fall and stay right there, there is a problem.

If you want to succeed in life, you cannot do it without first falling down. You cannot do anything good in life without running into trouble. How you handle it will make all the difference.

To do great things in your life, be ready to fail, be ready to fall, and be ready to face obstacles. Life is not without obstacles. In short, life is obstacle.

If you don’t fall, how can you rise up? If you don’t fall, how can you learn new things? If you don’t fall, how can you know what it is to fall?

Do you really want to succeed in life? If yes, start falling down. That is the only way to get back up.

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