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The Gifts Of Pain

Person Holding Head Facing Body of Water
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Pain is here to help us if we can just listen. Pain is not a problem. It is a gift if we can just listen to what the pain is trying to tell us.

Are you ignoring your pain, or are you listening to your pain?

Pain is our messenger. If you want to solve your problems, listen to the pain you are feeling. If you have the guts to listen to your pain, you are on your way to setting yourself free. But if you ignore your pain, the problem will get bigger.

Pain is a great way to connect with your mind, to learn more about yourself, to learn more about your values, to change what is not working for you, to continue to maintain what is working for you, to figure out where you want to go in your life.

Pain is an opportunity, not a problem. When you are feeling pain, don’t ignore it. If you ignore your pain, it will not get smaller; it will get bigger.

If you want your pain to reduce, if you want your problem to go away, listen to the pain you are feeling.