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Slowing Down

Road in modern city with yellow warning traffic signs
Photo by Tim Gouw

Slow down! You need your life. Slow down for yourself, for your health, and for the people around you. Make time to slow down. Don’t do too much. Doing too much doesn’t mean having too much. You can get a lot down when you slow down to think, to rest, to relax, to meditate, to love, to connect, to think for yourself, to innovate, to drink a cup of coffee, and to live your real life.

Please don’t run past your life. Don’t run past your health. Take care of your life. It is important. We need you. The world needs you. Choose time to relax yourself. Make time to be in the moment. Because running is not the way to get things done, slowing down is.

You are running because you think other people are getting things done. Wrong. When you slow down to be who you really are, then you can get a lot done. Don’t let people pressure you into what you cannot do. Don’t please people to harm yourself. It doesn’t worth it.

It is not how busy you are that counts. It is how productive you are that really matters. If you want to be productive, you must slow down to live your life.

I am slowing down to think, innovate, and grow

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It is not how busy you are that counts; it is how productive you are that really matters.”