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Do You Have The Courage To Follow Your Heart?

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It takes courage to listen to our hearts. When you pay attention to what your heart is telling you to do, you hear better. You connect with yourself better.

If listening to our hearts is so important, why are we not doing it?

We don’t listen to our hearts because:

  • We lack the courage to do so
  • We want to fit in
  • We lack confidence
  • We don’t believe in ourselves
  • We don’t know what we want
  • We listen to other people

When you listen to your heart,

  • You learn better
  • You know what you want to achieve in life
  • You feel good about yourself
  • You connect with your real self.

If you want to achieve success in life, you must connect with your real self- your inner self. When you listen to your heart, you are at peace with yourself.

If you ignore what your intuition is telling you, you are at war with yourself. Your heart is your master planner. Your intuition is your guide. Listen to your heart. Listen to your intuition.

Attention is key. No matter what, don’t permit people to dictate your life for you. Listen to your heart. Do you have the courage to listen to your heart?