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“If You Win In Your Mind, You Will Win In Life.”

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The future belongs to those who never stop fighting, who never stop moving, who never stop believing in themselves. We cannot succeed without fighting. How we handle our problems, how we see our troubles is what make all the difference.

If we want to succeed in life, in business, we must be ready and willing to succeed.

In order to win in life, you have to first win the fight in your mind. You can win in life if you first win in your mind. Your mind is everything. You can win in life only if you know how to control your mind.

“If you win in your mind, you will win in life. If you lose in your mind, you will lose in life.”- Mike Murdock

You will win if you put your mind to a good use. Don’t doubt yourself. Believe in yourself. If you doubt yourself, you have already lost the battle. The real battle is in our minds. If you win the battle in your mind, you will win it in real life.

“Every life-battle is a mind-battle.”- Mike Murdock

The battle for success starts in your mind. The battle for a healthy life starts in your mind. The fight for a long and healthy relationship starts in your mind.

There is nothing you cannot achieve in life if you can just take a good care of your mind. Don’t think negative thoughts. Don’t allow negative people to poison your mind. Don’t doubt yourself. Always keep a picture of a successful YOU in your mind.

Don’t limit yourself by doubting your power to get things done. You can get things done if you first get it done in your mind.

Michael Phelps says, “You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get.” It is dangerous to put a limit on how far you can go in life.

Because you don’t even know how far you can go.

Because you have not really stretched yourself.

If you believe you can do anything in life, you can. It is in your mind. It starts in your mind.

If you want to be a champion, first be a champion in your mind.

If you want to be a winner, first see yourself as a winner in your mind

If you want to be the CEO of a company, first think as a CEO in your mind. Then get to work to make it a reality. Wishing is not enough to get you to the finish line. You want to get to the finish line, right?

If you want to pass your exam, first pass it in your mind

If you want to be a lawyer, first see yourself as a practicing lawyer in your mind.

You have the power to control your mind. Your mind has the power to change your life forever.

Whatever it is that you want to be, first be it in your mind, and it will come to pass.