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Nothing In Life Is Permanent

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We suffer because we want to make things permanent in life. We want everything to stay with us. We want to live in the same place forever. We want to do the same thing forever. We want to marry the same person forever. We want to maintain the same relationships forever.

It is okay to want to make things permanent, but can you do it without putting yourself under pressure, without making yourself unhappy, without messing up with your mind. Not always possible.

You will enjoy your life if you accept the fact that not everything will stay with us forever. You will change your house, your car, your career, your job, your shoes, or your relationships, or they will change you for another owner.

You cannot eat the same food for your entire life. Could you?

Kids will go off to school, to work, to another country, to meet their new friends. These changes are normal. What is not normal is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. That is not normal.

Would you be happy if you have been in the same position for years without a single promotion?

Why are people not happy with their lives?

Because they want things to be permanent. They want to hold on to things that are no longer helpful to them. If you want to be happy, clean up your mind, your house, your car, or your head. Get rid of the things that you are not helpful to you and your career.

Charlie Chaplin said, “Nothing is permanent in this wicked world- not even our troubles.”

Our failures are not permanent. Don’t make them permanent.

Nothing is permanent. Don’t make it permanent. Our successes are not permanent- they come and go. Our troubles are not permanent, unless you want to make them permanent.

Buddha said, “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it from without.” If you want peace of mind, don’t try to change things that you cannot change. Don’t try to make things permanent. Learn how to practice the art of letting things go, and you will live a peaceful life.