Marilee Adams On How To Change Your Life Forever

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To change your life, to change anything in your life, 

you MUST question everything!

'Question everything!' If you want to change your life, you must ask great questions.

Do not judge yourself. 'No one can help anyone from a judger place.'' Because 'with judger mindest, the future can only be a recycled version of the past.'' Do not recycle your life. Live it. You are here to live, not to live in the past. 

Change starts with you. 'Change begins with the person who wants the change.'' The question is, do you want the change? If not, why not?

Change your questions. 'Change your questions, change your results.' Look, if you want to get different results, you must change your questions.

Do not blame yourself. Do not blame other people. 'Blame keeps us stuck in the past. Responsibility paves the path for a better future.' To go forward, take responsibility for your actions. Because blaming other people won't change anything. The only person who can change something is you. 
According to Marilee, 'Focusing on blame blinds us from seeing real alternatives and solutions. It's almost impossible to fix a problem when operating from blame.'

Be Flexible. 'Switching is what makes it possible to change. Switching is where the action is.'' In life, nothing stays the same. If you want to change yourself, be open to anything, from anywhere.

Be curious. 'Curiosity is the fast track to learner.' Why is that? According to Marilee, 'A question not asked is a door not opened.' Questions open doors. They are your greatest assets. So use them really well.