How To Use The STAR Formula To Organize Your Job Interview Answers

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If you want to ACE your job interview, you must be ready for it. You must prepare to give it all your best. Because so many job applicants don’t know what to expect from the interviewer, most applicants feel stressed out just to think about the interview.

As a job applicant, you can’t prepare for everything, but you can be ready by doing your research. If not, answering the interview questions will be a challenge for you. Make sure you study the job to know what skills are needed to do the job well if hired.

To do well, use the STAR formula to organize your behavioral interview answers.

So, what is STAR?

S= Situation: when you talk about situation, make sure you talk about a situation you were a part of that produced a positive result. Give an example of a positive situation, not a negative situation.

T= Tasks: You will talk about the tasks involved in the situation you mentioned above. Keep it concise, clean, and clear.

A= Action: this is the action stage. In this stage, you should talk about the actions you took in the situation’s tasks. What did you do? How did you do it?

R= Results: talk about the outcomes as a result of your action or actions.

When answering these questions, make sure your answers are brief and direct. Do not play around with your answers. If you do that, you are not helping yourself; you are making your case worse.