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Why Waiting For Things To Be Just Right

Photo by Quoc Bao

Stop waiting for things to be just right before you start living your only life. Stop waiting for things to be just perfect, to be flawless. Why are you waiting for the perfect time when you can make your own perfect time? Do not wait. If you want to get something done, go for it. Because there is no perfect time to do anything.

The perfect time is now. The perfect time to start a new life is now. The perfect time to double the love you have for yourself is now. If it is not now, when? If it is not you, who? If it is not where you are right now, where?

“To grow, you must endure pain.”

Do not look for perfection. Be comfortable with your imperfection. Be okay with yourself when you make mistakes. Be okay with yourself when you fail. Stop beating yourself up for nothing. Do not make things bigger than they really are.

Successful people do not wait for things to be just right. Successful people make things right. They create their own ways. They make ways for their followers. They are responsible for their lives. They don’t wait for you. They don’t wait for me. They take their lives into their own hands. You can do the same for yourself. You can make your own life. You can recreate yourself. You can beat your own path.

It is lonely to walk alone, but not when you know what you are doing, not when you know where you are going. Even when you get to your destination, things are not going to be perfect there. To enjoy your journey, to enjoy your life, do not focus on the discomfort, focus on what you are becoming. Without discomfort, you can’t become anything. Because growth comes with pain. To grow, you must endure pain.

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