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Never Regret Yesterday

Cheerful young diverse women showing V sign while taking selfie on rooftop
Photo by Kampus Production

L. Ron Hubbard said, “Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today, and you make your tomorrow.” Yes, you make your tomorrow. Whatever you are doing right now is making your tomorrow for you. It is your responsibility to make your tomorrow.

If you want to make your tomorrow work really well for you, you must not bring your yesterday anger into your today’s preparation for your tomorrow. Why is that? Because yesterday is gone. Today is growing. and tomorrow is not clear. No one can predict tomorrow.

“Let yesterday be yesterday. Let today be today.And let tomorrow be tomorrow. Never regret your journey. Enjoy today. And prepare for tomorrow.”

Do not spend your precious time worrying about what didn’t work for you in the past. You are no longer living in the past. You are living in the moment. That is enough for you to be thankful for. Do not complain. Do not focus on the things that didn’t work for you. Celebrate the ones that did work for you. When you celebrate what you have, when you celebrate your victories, when you celebrate your body, when you celebrate your life, when you celebrate your journey, when you celebrate the people in your life, when you celebrate your mistakes, when you celebrate your failures, you will have more things to celebrate.

Just be thankful for everything that you have. “Never regret yesterday”. Celebrate today. and prepare for tomorrow.

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