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How To Build Your Self-Worth

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Baltasar Gracian said, “Respect yourself if you would have others respect you.”

Respect everything about yourself and people will respect you. Your self-worth is your worth. It is how you treat yourself.

To build your self-worth, do not let people put you down, no matter who they are. Don’t let that happen to you. If you do, you are telling yourself, ‘you are not good enough.’

To build your self-worth, you have to feel good about yourself. It is important. Because if you don’t feel good about yourself, you can’t really do well in life.

Another way you can build your self-worth is to stop putting yourself down. Don’t put yourself down, and do not allow people to put you down. Do not compare yourself to others. They have their lives. You have yours. So live your own life.

Tell yourself, “I’m good enough.” If you don’t celebrate yourself, no one will celebrate you. Do it always.

No matter what you are doing, try to be your best, do your best, and earn the best. Don’t strive to be perfect. Just do your best.

Hang out with people who celebrate you, not those who will put you down. Associate yourself with friends who want you to succeed in life. Don’t be around negative people- people who will question your worth. They will drag down your self-worth.

You can also raise your self-worth by following your passion. Do what you are passionate about. Don’t start anything that you cannot finish. It feels good to start something and complete it. It boosts your self-worth.

Finally, you can build your self-worth by learning how to forgive yourself. No one is perfect. If you do anything wrong, don’t beat yourself up. Forgive yourself. Love yourself. Celebrate yourself and the people around you. Focus on positive things, and positive things will come to you.

Don’t put yourself down. You are unique. Celebrate yourself. Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Move on.

How To Control Your Own Feelings

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“If you control your thoughts, and your feelings come from your thoughts, then you are capable of controlling your own feelings.”- Dr. Wayne Dyer

You choose how you will feel. It is in your head. It is in your mind.

Your feelings come from your thoughts. Your feelings are reactions to what you are thinking.

If you focus on positive thoughts, if you focus on happy thoughts, you will feel positive about yourself.

But if you focus on negative thoughts, you will feel negative about yourself.

To change that, you must first change your thoughts. Change what you are thinking about, and everything will change.

“You can control your feelings by controlling what you allow into your mind.”

Everything starts in your mind. Your feelings come before your thoughts.

“You make yourself sad because of the thoughts that you think about in your mind.”

“You make yourself happy because of the thoughts you that you think about in your mind.”

If you want to stay healthy, happy, think positive thoughts in your mind. Do not keep negative thoughts in your mind. If you find yourself thinking about negative things, stop and change it.

Positive thoughts attract other positive things into your life. That is what you need to live a healthy life.

Negative thoughts attract other negative things into your life. That is what you DON’T need to live your life.

Stay positive, and you will enjoy a positive life. You can change it. Start now!