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Before You Give Up, Remember That It Takes You To Achieve What You Really Want

Andrea Piacquadio

It takes YOU to achieve what you want.
If you are committed to achieving it,
Nothing can stop you, not even fear.

Do not let fear of the unknown stop 
You from loving the known.
Do not let fear of the unknown stop 
you from enjoying the known.
Do not let fear of the unknown stop
you from enjoying what you already have.
Do not let fear of the unknown 
stop you from living a positive life.

Whatever you want to do, go for it.
Remember, it takes YOU to achieve 
Your dreams. If it is not you, who do 
you think is going to do it for you?
No one, but you. 

Whatever you want to do for yourself,
For your life, go for it. Do not let anything 
Stop you from getting there. Take a bold step
Toward what you want. And you must do
Whatever is within your power to get it.

Because you can face them. 
If you do not face your fears,
You are not going to achieve 
Your dreams. You are not going to 
Become who you were created to be.

No, you can defeat fear. You can live.
You can do better things. You can live a better life.
But you need you. The real you, not the fake you.
Right now, who do you really think you are?
The real you? Or, 
The fake you? It is up to you.

You Always Have A Choice

Woman Holding Happy Birthday Greeting Card
Photo by Viktoria Slowwikowska

You always have choices. Use them to strengthen your future. William Carlos Williams said, “A man isn’t a block that remains stationary…” Yes, you are not a block. Do not be afraid to change your life. Do not settle for less. Less is not for you. More is for you. But if you don’t leave less, how can you get more? If you want more, you must do more.

People don’t go for more because they are afraid of failure. To get what you want in life, you must free yourself from your limiting beliefs. Do not believe what you are telling yourself. You are more than that. You are better than that. Whenever you catch yourself telling yourself something negative about yourself, you must immediately change that conversation. Replace it with something better, something more positive. Because positive thoughts are better than negative thoughts.