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Why It Is Important To Stop Worrying Yourself

Upset ethnic woman embracing knees on bed
Photo by Alex Green

“Worry takes your time away.”

You have better things to do than to worry your life away. Worry is just worry. It is nothing. It can’t change your life. To really live your life, worrying yourself is not the right thing to do for yourself. It doesn’t feel good to worry about things that we cannot control. Look, my friends, whatever you cannot control, whatever you cannot change, do not worry yourself about it. Because whether you worry yourself or not, the thing is not going to change. Instead of worrying yourself, just think of what you can do to make things better.

Instead of worry your life away, why not think of what you can do to change what you are worrying yourself about? Think of what you can do to make things better. Put your thoughts together. Do not waste your time. Worry is just worry. It never yields anything positive. Instead, it wastes your precious time.

Whatever you face in your life, face it. Because you are always going to face difficult things. When you face something terrifying, what are you going to do? How are you going to make the situation better? The best way to make things better for yourself, in my opinion, is to stop worrying yourself. Things will not always go your way. When you don’t get what you want, it is not the end of the world. Be grateful that you are still alive to make things better for your life. Just do what you can do to make things better. But make sure you are doing the right thing. Because as you do, so you get.

Do Not Waste Yourself In Rejection

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Don’t waste yourself in rejection, nor bark against the bad, but chant the beauty of the good.”– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Life is not about rejection; it is about rejoicing. Remember that no one can reject you except yourself. The only person who can reject you is you. Do not reject your life. Because God has a lot in store for you. Do not live in rejection. Instead of beating yourself up for what went wrong, why not celebrate what you have done well? Why not focus on what you have? Many people focus on what they don’t have. They focus on what is not going well for them. That is a waste of precious time. Instead, celebrate your life. Believe in yourself. Believe that everything is going to be okay. Be hopeful that life is going to change in your favor. Believe that God is going to change your life. Believe that you are not going to be where you are next year. Believe that your tomorrow is going to be better than your today.

Rejoice with those who are doing well. Don’t envy them. Celebrate them. When you celebrate other people, God will celebrate you. God will give you more to celebrate. God will show you where to go. For that reason, no matter what you are going through right now, do not give up. As Winston Churchill famously said, “Never, never, never, never give up.” Do not give up on your dreams. Even if you plan to give up, make sure you replace it with something better. Don’t just quit and sit at home. That is a failing strategy. It is not a winning one.

But you can change that. You redirect your life. You can reinvent your life. To do that, no matter what you are going through, you must believe you can change your life. No matter what you face in your life, if you believe in yourself, if don’t believe in rejection, you can get up again. Do you believe in yourself?