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How Fear Hurts You

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According to Suzy Kassem, “Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will.” Yes, she is right. Fear can stop you from pursuing your dreams. Only fear can make look like a loser. Only fear can stop you from changing your life. Instead of letting fear block your way forward in your life, why not use it to get to where you want to be. Why are you not facing your fears? Why are you wasting your time?

“Fear … can make you do more wrong than hate and jealousy.”– Phillip K. Dick

Remember, you can face your fears. Do not be scared. Believe in yourself. Let your fears move you forward. Let your fears carry you to where you want to be. But you must do your own part. Because nothing happens by accident. Things happen for you when you prepare. Things happen to you when you don’t prepare.

“If you are afraid you don’t commit yourself to life completely.”- Phillip K. Dick

It does not matter what you are chasing in your life, it does not matter what you are pursuing in your life, but one thing is clear: It takes preparation to win the fight of life. If you want to win, prepare. If you don’t want to win, don’t prepare. Phillip K. Dick said, “Fear … can make you do more wrong than hate or jealousy. If you are afraid you don’t commit yourself to life completely; fear makes you always, always hold something back.” Please, my friend, do not let fear hold you back. Do not live in fear. Live your life in love. Because fear is a killer. If you don’t reject it, it can kill your dreams. Don’t let it kill your dreams.

“Fear makes you always , always hold something back.”- Phillip K. Dick

How To Use Fear To Your Advantage

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In the words of Marie Curie, “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.” It is okay to fear something, but don’t let it stop your movement. Your opportunities are waiting for you. Your dreams are waiting for you. If you want them to happen, you must walk past your fears. Only fear can stop you from doing what you love. Only fear can stop you from achieving your dreams. Do not let that happen. If you want your dreams badly, you must do everything within your power to live your life. Use fear to your advantage. Use it to get to the next level. Use fear to change your life. Let fear spring you forward in your life, in your career. Do not let fear cripple you. Don’t worry about your past failures. Just worry about where you are going. Because where you are going is more important than where you have been. Do not look back. Always look forward. But do not ignore the present. Because life happens in the present, not in the past.