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Why You Need A Mountain

Photo by pixabay

To grow, we need a mountain to climb.
We need something bigger than us.
We need something greater than us.
If not, we are not going to reach our 
highest potential. We are going to be where we are.

Without a mountain to climb, there can be no growth.
But for it to make sense, it has to be your own mountain.
It has to be something that you really want to do.
It has to be something that is keeping you up at night.
It has to be your dream. It has to be what you are passionate about.
If it is not what you are passionate about, stay away from it.

Because no one can force you to climb a mountain.
Because no one can force you to do what you do not
want to do, not even yourself. 
Because you are in charge of your life.
Because you are a unique human being.

For that reason, whatever you are doing,
If you do not love it, do not do it.
If you do not love it, stay away from it.
If you do not love it, find something better.

It is important to love what you do.
Because the beginning of everything 
Is always lonely. It is always difficult.
It is always challenging. Why is that?
Because it is just the beginning.
Because you are a novice.
Because you haven't done it before.
It is your first time of trying it.
Because nobody cares about it.
Because nobody believes in it. 

But if you have the courage to 
finish what you start, no matter what,
Success is yours. 
Success is when you didn't give up.
And to win, you must believe in yourself.
Because when you believe in yourself,
That is success. That is getting to the top.
And that is why you need a mountain. 

4 Ways To Follow Your Own Path

Photo by Lisa Fotios

What happens in your life must be determined by you. If you don’t want to get a different result, if you want to achieve your goal in life, you must take charge of your life. You must take 100% responsibility for your life. It is your life. Do not forget that your life is your making. You make your life. You are the designer of your own life, of your own future. So if you want a better future, you must take charge of your own life, of your own thoughts, of your own actions.

To follow your own path, here are some strategies that will help you get there:

Have faith in yourself

Victor Hugo said, “Let us have faith. No, let us not be cast down. To despair is to desert. Let us look to the future.” That is what you should do. Whatever you want to create for yourself, you can do it. But you must first believe in yourself. If not, it won’t work. Do not let anything stop you from chasing your path. Do not do what others are doing. Do what you are here to do. Do not abandon your path. You can get there only if you believe in your own future.

Do not be scared to fail

You are going to fail anyway. Why is that? Because you can’t try something new without failure. It is going to come. You can’t stop it from happening. When it happens, do not take it personally. Because you are a learner, not an expert. And do not beat yourself up for failing. That is how we learn. So if you want to grow, you must embrace the power of failure. According to Leo Buscaglia, “To try is to risk failure, but risks must be taken, because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.” If you don’t risk, you don’t grow.

Face your fears

Fear is real. But do not let your fear stop you from following your path. Do not let your fear keep you in a rut. All you need to do is to recognize it and keep on going. Because you have to overcome your fears if you want to achieve greatness in your life. And you can do it. If you have the courage to face your fears, you will grow. Will you face them?

Commit yourself to it

Before you start, ask yourself this question: “How bad do I really want to achieve my dream?” It is very important that you know why you are committing yourself to something. Because you do not want to waste your time doing something you do not love. You won’t be happy. Think about it. Because once you make the decision to follow your path, there is no going back. You are going to stick with it until it works. Can you do it?

Remember that your life is your own making. It is never too late to follow your dreams. Find out what makes you come alive, and then go after it with all your might. If you do it, you will succeed. Will you do it?