Fear Is Hidden In The Subconscious Mind

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Fear is hidden in the subconscious mind. That is why it is hard to fight.

Fear will tell you anything to keep you from achieving your dreams. Fear will tell you anything to keep you from reaching your destination. Fear will tell you anything to keep you from enjoying your life- personal and professional life. Fear will give you all kinds of reasons why your dreams will not work. Fear will tell you why your boss hates you. But it will not tell you how to deal with your toxic boss.

Fear will do anything to keep you where you belong- your comfort zone. Don’t allow that to happen to you. Fight fear with action.

Remember, fear arises from within. As a result, if you want to conquer fear, do a thorough assessment of yourself. Your self-assessment will help you to prepare for what is to come- fear.

If you respect fear, you will live with what you get- unhappiness

Fear Comes From Within

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Fear is not from outside, it arises from the mind. It is self-made. You create your fear. You are the one who put it in your inner mind (subconscious mind). And you are the ONLY one who can get it out.


By action. The only weapon that can kill fear is ACTION. With action, fear will leave you alone.

It is our enemy inside. It has prevented lots of people from achieving their dreams.

Why is it our enemy?

Anything that wants to keep us where we are, anything that wants to prevent us from reaching our full potential is our enemy.

Again, if you want to put fear to where it belongs, take action. It is ONLY action that can conquer fear.

You can do it!