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What Is Life?

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What is life? What do we know about life? Are we just “living” or “existing?”

Life is simple. Yes, it is simple.

“Life is life.”- John C. Parkin

Life is not difficult. We make life hard for ourselves by focusing our minds on some irrelevant things.

Life is living your own life. It is doing your own things in your own way. Life is not to hate, but to love yourself and your fellow human beings.

“Life is about pain and happiness.”

“Life is about happiness and sorrow”

“Life is about our successes and failures.”

“Life is about growing and dying”

“Life is a succession of moments, to live each one is to succeed”– Corita Kent, American religious sister

In Life, every moment is important. Because if you miss the moment, you miss the future. So focus on living in the moment.

You can enjoy your life if you want to enjoy it. Do not focus on what is not important to you and your life. If you do that, you are wasting your time.

Be patient. If you want to achieve success in your life, just be patient. Know this: “Everything important in life takes time to achieve.” Be patient in your pursuit of success in your life

Be happy. The only person responsible for your happiness is you, not me. So choose happiness!

Life is yours to live and enjoy. But to live a simple, you must keep it simple.

I Want To Hear You

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“I want to hear you.” People want to hear us, but we are not listening.

We judge people before we even have the time to know who they really are.”

We call them names. They are toxic, boring, lazy, dull, too loud, too soft, or even ugly. We call them names to make us feel better about ourselves.

All toxic or bad people want from us is to sit and listen to them. They want to hear you. They want you to understand them before you judge them.

They want to hear you. They want us to listen to them. They want us to appreciate who they are.

They are toxic because they don’t think like us, act like us, and work like us.

“If you want to understand toxic or bad people, change your own attitude toward them.” If you change how you view them, the way you see them will change.

As David Augsburger put it,

“I want to hear you, see what you see, feel what you feel

I want to be heard.

Here me as I hear you,

Listen, I’m listening to you.

So I will speak simply

with clear word windows

that let you see

all the way in

to where I live