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Your Circumstances Are Not Permanent

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“A man’s life is what his thought make of it.”– Marcus Aurelius

“To be a hero think heroic thought.”- Voltaire

“What man think of himself, that it is which determines, or rather indicates, his fate.”- Henry David Thoreau

Your circumstances are not permanent. They are changing every day. So don’t make them permanent.

Lots of things in life are beyond your control. But what you can control is how you think about your circumstances. What you can control is how you think about what you are going through. But you can control certain things. You can control what you do, how you react, and how you feel about what is happening to you.

Remember, how you see your circumstances will determine how well you are going to cope with them. No matter what you are going through in life right now, always remain positive.

Making Things Happen

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“No man can live a full life while he is bound in any part of his nature. He must have freedom of thought as well as freedom of action to grow to his full height.”- Orison Sweat Marden

Your goal in life is to grow to your full height. Your goal in life is to make things happen, not allowing things to happen to you. When you allow things to happen to you, you have no control over it. But when you make things happen, you have control over every decision concerning that thing. In other words, you are the master of your life. You are the owner of your life.

There is nothing in life that you cannot achieve if you make things happen rather than allowing things to happen to you. Remember, anything that controls you is your master.

Don’t let things happen to you, make things happen to you. Whatever it is you want, you can get it. You can get by working smart, by working hard, by doing one thing at a time.

If you want to enjoy your life. if you want to be productive, if you want to be happier, make things happen to you rather than allowing things to fall on your head. If you do that, you are on your way to freedom.