Strangeness, Not Sameness

Photo by Sharmia Casiano

Sameness is good, but not good enough.

Strangeness is good, but scary.

Is there growth in sameness? No.

Sameness is boring, but strangeness is exciting!

There is no growth in sameness. All you do is the same. All you get is the same.

If what you are doing is not changing you,

if it is not growing you,

if it is not adding value to your life,

if you remain the same,

if it is not changing your thoughts,

if it is not making you uncomfortable,

if you are not learning from it,

if it is easy,

if you are not struggling to do it,

if you are not questioning yourself enough,

then change it.

It is just sameness.

Don’t pursue sameness, pursue strangeness.