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How To Find A Job When English Is Not Your First Language

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It is hard to find a job in a language that one is not used to. It is a serious issue for people whose first language is not English. A job search is hard for everybody- whether you are an English speaking person or not.

How can we help someone who doesn’t speak English fluently, but need a job to feed his or her family. Here are some ways to do just that:

Hire an English coach.

In order to improve your English language skills, you cannot do it alone; you need a coach. You need a coach to help you with your accent reduction strategies. Make sure you choose a coach who is ready and willing to help you get better.

Talk to a career counselor.

You need a career counselor to tell you how to move forward. They will tell you what is new in your career, and what is no longer working.

If you know your communication is not clear enough, speak slowly when you are talking.

If your communication is not strong enough, speak slowly when you are talking to people. Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself.

Record yourself.

When you record yourself to hear how you sound, seek feedback from other people, not from you. Because you cannot hear yourself speaking. Others will hear you better. Make sure you give the tape to somebody who is ready and willing to tell you “what you need to hear,” not “what you want to hear.”

Remain positive.

No matter how long it takes to master it, stick to it. Remain positive.

How To Search For A Job When You Have Just Lost Your Job

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It is challenging to find a job when you have just lost the one you had before. It can be depressing. It is painful when you just lost your job, but it can be a blessing in disguise.

The past is gone. You need to move on; you need to do what you have been doing, which is working.

To get back on track, here are some strategies that will help you get back on track:

Surround yourself with positive people.

When you’ve just lost your job and you are looking for another one is not the time to surround yourself with negative people. It is not the time to surround yourself with pessimists. This is the time you need people who will tell you where the jobs are. You don’t need people who will tell you that there are no jobs out there. No, you don’t need them.

No matter what, don’t give up.

When you are searching for a new job, you need to be patient. This is not the time to isolate yourself from the rest of us; it is the time to expand your job search to other areas you haven’t tried before. As Winston Churchill once said, “Never, never, give up.”

Commit yourself to finding a new job.

Searching for a new job is not a part-time job, it is a full-time job. If you want the job, you must commit yourself and your resources to it. You must do something everyday that will draw you closer to finding a new position.

Write down 10 things you love to do.

As you search for a new position, you can use this opportunity to write down a list of things you love to do. Why? You can turn your hobby into a second career. You can turn your hobby into something that will give you the financial freedom you have been waiting for. If you don’t try, you will never know whether it will work or not. This is the time to do what you have always wanted to do. Read the books you have always wanted to read. Take the course that you have always wanted to take. Learn the things you have always wanted to learn.

Rewrite your resume.

You need to rewrite your resume to add the new things you have learned from your job, and the training you have attended in the past. They are relevant now. Make sure that your new resume is appropriate for the job for which you are applying.

Reorganize your contact list.

This is the time to relearn how to network. It is the time to reach out to people you know who can help you get a job. Don’t waste your time reaching out to people who cannot do anything to help you change your situation. You need to recreate or maintain your existing social media accounts. If you have posted terrible things on your social media before, it is the time to clean up your mess. If not, you will regret not doing it.

Start your own business.

If you have been longing to start your own business, believe it or not, this is the time for you to start it. But before you start, assess yourself.