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Which Is More Important: Knowing or Doing?

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Which is more important: knowing or doing? Are they separable or inseparable?

Knowledge without action means nothing. People are interested in actions, not in empty words. Jason Fred said, “What you do is what matters, not what you say or plan.”

 Doing represents action, and it is action that brings results. But you cannot do without first knowing how to do it. Knowing is nothing if you cannot use it to improve your life.

Knowing prepares you to take action. Doing is actually taking action to change your life. Knowledge is pointless without application. Without knowledge, doing is not possible. Without doing, knowledge is useless. If you want your knowledge to have value, find a way to apply it. If not, it is pointless.

You need both. They are inseparable.

How To Accept What Is In Your Basket

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Life throws different things at different people. Accept your own portion of what is given to you. It is for you, not for me. Your problem is for you. Your growth is for you. Your success is for you. Accept them. Celebrate them. The irony is that people want to be successful, but they are doing everything to avoid problems. How is that even possible?

You cannot succeed without solving real life problems. For example, your boss hired you to solve real life problems. You are not hired to earn money. You are hired to help solve problems, and then earn a living. You cannot earn a living without solving real life problems.

The trick to success is: “The bigger the problem you solve, the more you will earn for solving it.” If you want to earn more, do more.

Accept what the world has in store for you. But, regardless of what is in your basket, all you need to do is to embrace it with a positive attitude.