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Difficult Times

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Difficult times are not difficult times, they are learning times. They are growing times. It is the time we look inside for answers to our problems.

Difficult times are not here to destroy us. They are part of who we are; they make us stronger than ever. If you handle difficult times well, you will never be the same again. Many of us are terrible at managing difficult times. Instead of putting our heads together to find solutions to what we are going through, we make it even more difficult for ourselves. We stop eating. We stop meeting friends. We stop talking to people. We stop listening to ourselves. We stop sleeping. We turn to drugs and alcohol (not everybody), we stop reading. We stop doing the basics that make life interesting.

Difficult times are builders, not destroyers. They are your builders if you handle them well, if you manage them well. On the other hand, difficult times are your destroyers if you manage them poorly.

To manage difficult times well, you must first understand what you are dealing with. The more you understand what you are dealing with, the better it is for you to deal with. It is all about understanding. If you want to know something better, try to understand it.

Before you freak out, try to understand what you are going through.

Worry About What You Can Control

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Why are people worrying about what they cannot control? We cannot control everything that happens to us, but we can control certain things. If you waste your precious time worrying about what you cannot control, you are not helping yourself, but hurting yourself. Stop doing that.

You cannot control all the things that are happening in our society, but you can control how you respond to them, how you think about them, and how you associate yourself with them. What is happening inside you is within your control. But what is happening outside you is beyond your power. So don’t try to control what is beyond your power. When you do that, you are putting yourself under pressure.

You can control how you respond to other people’s attitudes, but you cannot control how other people treat you. That is their own behavior, not yours.

If you want to live a stress-free life, learn to separate what you can manage from what you cannot manage. Learn to separate reality from fiction. You must also learn how to set priorities that matter to you, so that you don’t waste your time worrying about useless things.

When you fail at something, don’t worry too much about it, because you cannot change the outcome anymore. Going forward, you can control your habits- the things you do every day.

Focus your energy on things that can change your life, not things that cannot change your life. Focus on controlling your attitude, your emotions, and the treatment of things around you. Those things you can control, but the results you cannot.

Stop worrying and start living!